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Big Blue offers a wide variety of marine life and diving gifts for all ocean enthusiasts. These fine crafted treasures and wearable art are all designed and hand sculpted by artist and conservationist Roland St. John. Many styles are incredibly detailed and accurate representations of some of the most fascinating animals in our oceans. Other styles are sculpted to capture the essence and flowing motion in contemporary styling. All made in the USA.

New Collection

The Ocean Traveler pendant is Roland's signature design and most popular item. This sculptural sea turtle is cast in various metals including Bronze, Pewter, Sterling Silver and 14K gold. 

We also carry an Ocean Traveler Set which includes the Sterling Silver Earrings complimentary to the Recuced Size pendant. 

This unique line of jewelry, home decor and sculptures were inspired by the true beauty of marine life in it's natural habitat.  Roland St. John has captured the realistic details and the flowing motion of these wonderful and majestic animals. They are created in various materials such as Pewter, Bronze, Sterling Silver, and 14K gold.


These gifts include Christmas Tree Ornaments, Bronze Sculptures, drawer pulls, light switch covers, wine galss charms and new magnet sets.